Monday, 7 November 2011

Quote, Quote, Quote ..............

There's no significance to the picture above, other than that we had afternoon tea there when we were in Cyprus last year!  I just felt that this post needed a picture of some kind to brighten it up.

So, I was looking through a pastry book when I came across some good tips -

"A Carpenter's rule is, Measure twice, cut once.  A pastry chef's rule is, Scale twice, make once."

"Pastry Chefs are always well organised, specific, reliable and calmer than cooks."

"Organisation, cleanliness, and planning are 50 percent of a successful recipe."

"Musicians have an adage that translates well to pastry chefs:  Amateurs play a piece until they get it right, while professionals play it until they can't get it wrong.  Discipline gives the pastry chef the willingness to practice until it is impossible to fail."

All the above quotes are by Jacques Torres, Dean of Pastry Arts, The French Culinary Institute.

I love a good quote for afternoon tea!


  1. There is some good advice in those quotes

  2. Me too - I love a good quote, trouble is I can never remember them when I would like to pop them into a conversation or write on a card.
    These were good though.

  3. Wise words :-), often I think that I need to be more patient and precise myself!

    Lovely blog here, I am following you!


  4. The Cookie Jar - I love quotes that give good advice done't you?

    Magnolia Verandah - I've taken to writing down good quotes when I read them! Otherwise I forget them too.

    Alessandra - thank you for following - I too need to be more patient and precise.

  5. Jennifer, I'm delighted you are going to be at the blogging event at Fortnum's next week. I'm really looking forward to meeting you. Jude x