Sunday, 9 October 2011

What Am I Doing Wrong?

Just a small query that I hope someone can help me with - Cupcake Cases.  Why is it that when I bake cupcakes my cake cases lose their colour and become slightly translucent?  I had some cake cases once that didn't do this and of course the foil cases remain the same.  I am rather baffled and would appreciate some advice on the matter.

Thank you.



  1. Same thing happens to me. I think it might be something to do with paper quality.

  2. I think Cookie Jar is right. If I buy expensive cases I find they are fine, but bulk bought or supermarket ones seem to fade and can look greasy! I initially thought it might be my tins, but they are scrubbed every time they are used, so I think it is just cheap paper!

  3. Thank you Cookie Jar and A Trifle Rushed - I thought that might be the case, I mostly buy my paper cases from the local Cake Icing shop, Hobbycraft or my local Cook Shop! They are quite thick cases before cooking. I think I'll have a look on some websites for better quality cases.

  4. Yes I think supermarket cases always do this. With the ever growing trend of lovely colours and patterns I think the quality has improved, so the end result is still perfect. I remember as a child the cases being greasy, but was happy to peel off and eat, thankful mum had baked fairy cakes!