Saturday, 7 April 2012

Wishing You All A Very Happy Easter .............

We normally only make a Gingerbread House at Christmas time, however, encouraged by A Trifle Rushed and her many versions of the Gingerbread House, we decided to make one for Easter.

Here is our latest version .............................

We coloured the icing lemon to stick the house together and then mixed up some more coloured green to represent the grass.  It's such an enjoyable thing to make together with my youngest daughter.  I think we'll have to find another occasion during the year to make another one!

Have a good Easter - I'm off to hide Easter Eggs in the garden and place the clues to be found - happy hunting.


  1. Oops! I missed this post! The house is wonderful , we must definately do a gingerbread house blogging events thing in the winter (pre-Christmas) if your still interested?

  2. Thanks Jude - yes I think we must - I would love to.

  3. This Easter house looks wonderful - very colourful - just right for spring! It must be such fun putting these together with the baby girl!

  4. Oh Wow! Your Easter house looks amazing full with awesome colors! I've never try making gingerbread house but yours is really lovely! :)

  5. Thank you Kit - we really enjoy making these.