Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Happy Birthday - 18

My eldest daughter was 18 on Monday - I do not know where eighteen years have gone.

So, newly adult child (a contradiction?) requested Nigella's Chocolate Cloud Cake for her birthday cake which I made from "Nigella Bites" - page 110.  The only adjustment I made was to use orange juice in place of Cointreau. 

Decorated it with softly whipped cream, Mikado chocolate sticks, white chocolate covered blackburrants, chocolate stars and a sprinkling of cocoa powder.

It was really quite delicious and light.

Happy Birthday Baby.


  1. It looks wonderful! Wished we could have been there to taste. Happy birthday - big girl now!

  2. Wishing her a very Hapoy Birthday. What a fantastic cake to start your adult life with :-)

  3. Lovely cake, looks perfect. Hope you all had a wonderful celebration of such an important occasion!

  4. Delicious I bet it was and it looks superb as well - who could wish for a more gorgeous birthday cake. Like the sound of the chocolate covered blackcurrants.