Monday, 13 February 2012

Nutella Madeleines

We love madeleines here, especially still warm from the oven with a cup of tea or coffee, so when I read A Trifle Rushed's post Saturday afternoon for Nutella Madeleines I had to pop out into the kitchen to make some.  They really are very simple to make but still I need a recipe and turned to Dan Lepard's book Short and Sweet for his version.

Sprinkled with icing sugar and eaten warm - these went down very well indeed with a mug of hot tea.

To read the original inspiration for these little babies -


  1. These look irresistible - I had Dan's book on my Christmas List but no-one came to the party looks like I will have to buy it for myself - so many things look so good from it. I saw a Trifle Rushed's post too with the nuttella - very naughty!

  2. Hi there,
    Sorry if this squashes your enthusiasm. It's really nice that you like the Dan Lepard recipe for Madeleines, but in cases like this, we do ask bloggers to simply say where the original recipe was taken from and then talk about any changes they've made, and not to print the whole recipe (ingredients and method). I hope you'll understand that it's not so much about you using one recipe here, but more that it's very easy for the entire contents of the book to end up on food blogs without Dan's approval, and we would instead encourage bloggers to "talk around" the recipe and major on their own ideas and photos. I hope you'll understand and agree to our request for you to edit out the recipe details.
    Thanks for your cooperation,
    David Whitehouse, Editor, Short & Sweet

  3. In reply to the above comment from "ohgoshandbother" - my sincere apologies I didn't think - I will be editing this post now. Tried to reply with the "Reply" button but it didn't work.

  4. Jennifer, I'm so glad you were inspired to try the cakes. (I've been away so didn't comment earlier).
    I hope your girls enjoyed them :-) Jude x

  5. Thanks Jude - the girls loved them and so did I.

  6. What an odd comment from the editor of Short & Sweet. The Guardian archives have pretty much the identical recipe freely available.