Thursday, 4 August 2011

Too Late

I've just read the latest posting from A Trifle Rushed blog and followed the link to Simple and in Season/Fabulicious Food - wish I had read this before I posted my latest - could have entered my ice lollies on the blog.

Never mind - maybe next month - shall have to start thinking now!


  1. Jennifer I'm sure you can still enter, Ren hasn't set up the link yet and so long as you post in August (not before) it should be OK. That's why I waited to make the jam on the First!
    Do join the event, it's a great way to find new blogs, and let's others find yours.
    Regards Jude x

  2. Love the ice lollies what a good way to get fruit into children - too cold here in Melbourne yet though. I will put this in the memory bank for later in the year when the grandchildren are around the pool. Busy making grapefruit marmalade at the moment, not quite as luscious as blackberries!

  3. Jennifer, Ren launched the August simple in season, so follow the directions and link the ice lollies in. Jude x