Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Twinings Tea

My sister wrote about the Twinings Tea that she usually drinks being different - see - then I read in yesterday's newspaper that their Earl Grey has had a change to its blend too.  Why do they do this?  I don't drink Earl Grey every day and so have obviously not yet bought some of the new blend.  I hope I'm not going to be one of the disappointed.  Apparently "all products need to evolve to keep up with people's developing palates", but do our palates develop  that much to need favourite drinks and foods to be altered in this way.  According to  Claire Forster, Twining's Marketing Manager this tea was thought of traditionally as the tea you had when you went round to your grandmother's but that now a lot of young people are getting into Earl Grey.  It has never seemed like a "grandmother's tea" to me, maybe because my grandmother always had "builder's tea" and because she always bought sterilized milk in bottles from her milkman it always had a different taste to that I was used to.  My preferred tea is Twining's Green Tea blend - long may it remain untouched!


  1. I'm not a great tea drinker. But I do love Rose Pouchong from Fortnum's (Twinnings made it for a while ages ago, but discontinued it). I also love Jasmine tea from the Cantonese Tea Company!
    It's always a shame when company's tweak their classic flavours.