Friday, 2 September 2011

Salty or Sweet?

After an afternoon spent at Tilbury Fort (see my other blog for photographs) we were disappointed to note that there was no cafe to indulge our longing for afternoon tea.  They sell hot drinks in the shop - from a machine - not quite what I had in mind though, which meant going home to rustle up something sweet to have with our tea!

I had a packet of Feuilles De Brick - which is fine mediterranean pastry - and a pot of ricotta cheese in the fridge.  I simply mixed the ricotta with three dessertspoons of caster sugar and spread this mixture on each layer of pastry - rolled some up into a cigar shape and others in small packages and baked in the oven at 220C for approximately 4 minutes.

A sprinkling of icing sugar and our appetite for something sweet with our tea was satisfied - in no time at all.  The only disappointment was that the pastry was salty - but not so much as to be inedible for a sweet confection.

Next time I will make my own pastry or try to find something "unsalted".

Yesterday, however, was a different story - youngest daughter Sera and her friend Elle - at a bit of a loose end decided to make some cupcakes and decorate them.  They were rather pleased with the results.

No problem deciding what to have for afternoon tea yesterday!!


  1. Your pastries sound lovely, but I do adore salt, I buy myself butter with salt crystals in it as a treat here in Brittany.
    The fairy cakes look lovely, a touch of pink is always worthwhile, I find!

  2. It always amazes me that at such excursion venues like Tilbury Fort no one has had the forethought of at least a pop up cafe.
    On a day out 2 years ago to Paul Bangay's garden at Kynton in Victoria ( in part a fund raiser for Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden project) I was equally disappointed that there was no cafe per se. After walking around the garden on a wintery afternoon I found myself yearning for a nice hot drink of anything!
    On a trip to Dame Elizabeth Murdoch's Crudin Farm last year however, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the old stables had been converted (at least while the garden was open to the public) to serve beverages and food. We had on that occasion packed a lovely picnic that we ate seated on the lawn under the canopy of a lovely old oak.
    I love picnic food and these great looking cupcakes would be the perfect accompaniment (well done Sera and Elle) Roll on summer!

  3. A trifle rushed - I love the idea of the butter with salt crystals - in fact whilst buying butter this morning I noticed some in my local Tesco with salt crystals. I usually use unsalted for cakes and cooking but adore salted butter on toast!